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How do you define your life's journey? If you are mid-30s something like me then you can retrospect and question yourself a lot of things. Mid 30's damn, what an age? neither there nor here. halfway done half to go? Like I have seen it all and still more to go? Nope! we got it all wrong. The pandemic has brought us all to the same level. Rich or poor, young or old, celebrity or a common man. boom! it's the sudden reality check that we all are mortals. That our life's journey is just traveling till the end and what happens in between. we all have different endings just like our different life. Quotes like, "Life is short, live to the fullest" keep us going.  How many of you have changed your point of view towards life post Covid? at least I did. Yes, in a positive way thinking that whatever time I have, I will live with no regrets. And to do so we first need to accept our past, hence I am going to list my past life events as an "UPGRADE" Like they do

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