Monday, June 15, 2015

My first ever craft stall!

As an artist its a proud moment for me to be able to work so hard and put up my stall at a flea market. It was quiet an experience rather than just doing business. Meeting hundreds of people receiving their varied encouraging response and appreciation just did some more morale boosting for me to work hard even more everyday! that there is absolutely no substitute to hard work!
 smart marketing to the right people. creativity shows a beautiful mind. Hope I  get chance to participate in more such events and gather more knowledge.
I thank my well wishers and my family who support me. Its a big step for a stay at home crafting mommy !

Check out few glimpses in the below images of my craft stall!

I so wanted to do a blackboard sign, luckily i was the only one at the market with a signboard like this! people were impressed with the simplicity.

And that's little me in the background proudly displaying my work :)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Brilliant! I love all thse goodies on your stall!
    Dawn xx

  2. Way to go.! Best wishes for ur future ventures :)

  3. Lovely handmade creation. Keep your work up and keep working hard. I really liked this post. I am quite impressed. Thank you for the share.