How do you define your life's journey? If you are mid-30s something like me then you can retrospect and question yourself a lot of things. Mid 30's damn, what an age? neither there nor here. halfway done half to go? Like I have seen it all and still more to go?

Nope! we got it all wrong. The pandemic has brought us all to the same level. Rich or poor, young or old, celebrity or a common man. boom! it's the sudden reality check that we all are mortals. That our life's journey is just traveling till the end and what happens in between. we all have different endings just like our different life. Quotes like, "Life is short, live to the fullest" keep us going. 

How many of you have changed your point of view towards life post Covid? at least I did. Yes, in a positive way thinking that whatever time I have, I will live with no regrets. And to do so we first need to accept our past, hence I am going to list my past life events as an "UPGRADE" Like they do in video game levels, in each phase we unlock a new "you". 

This blog of mine was previously all about my craft journey. I used to blog about my craft and take part in various design teams, this was the showcase of my arty crafty talents. However, just yesterday I decided to upgrade my blog with a whole new me, a whole new mindset and hence this is my first post. 

Now let's talk about how I got upgraded in my past. I left my parent's home at age 18. big deal in an Indian household for a girl to leave the nest that early. I left to pursue my Engineering degree, never returned back. This was my very first adult upgrade! all independent in an unknown city, living on my own terms, money management, studying, making the best memories of life as they say college life ain't coming back! yeah that was a precious carefree time.

I fell in love and married my long-distance boyfriend at age 22. Hell yes! crazy idea! still question this! haha ha. was this an upgrade? well, this changed a lot of things for me. I would say If I hadn't done this I would definitely be a whole different person today probably ticking most of my to-do list. Marrying young has its own pros and cons, well anyways destiny! but yes I am a lot more mature with experience today. I decided to continue my studies post-marriage, so I had a bit of extended college life with new friends in a new city. We sail through. I am settled in this amazing city of Hyderabad since then. It's been 12 years. I call this city my home now. see? a new city- new upgrade. new friends, new upgrade. One can list on like this in every phase of their life. Give it a try!

I got my first job at age 23. Got a big upgrade as I was earning, my degree and all the hard work of studying day and night got into use. I was working in an MNC, made friends with my colleagues which made the workplace a fun place to be. Worked a lot but also partied hard, a lesson well learned for the rest of my life. Work-life balance. Gosh, how the definition of work-life balance has changed post covid with all the work-from-home scenarios. That's a whole different blog topic.

Now let's talk about the biggest upgrade of my life which is - Motherhood! 

I became a mother at age 26. I would say this is the craziest upgrade/ unlock game of life level ever. I mean there is no looking back! YOu are a whole new you that never existed before! it has been a maniac ride filled with high-level emotions and unconditional love. Don't worry I won't make another mommy blog out of it! just summing up another phase. I decided not to sit quietly and pursue my crafty talents as I took a break from work. I upgraded myself into a mompreneur at age 27. I started my own little online store and upscaled it by selling my products on top sites. Multi-tasking at a superwoman level since then along with taking care of my two kids. Yes, I am a mom of two. My second born upgraded my mommy journey into another direction as a mompreneur too. I have been juggling all my time with kids, work, and all the things that I wish to explore in life because I define myself as Jack of all trades. So here I am at age 34, with a lot of human life experience and a craving for more. This blog will be all about me just being "me".

I hope, this perspective of looking at life as a continuous upgrade helps you! Keep checking my blog for more!


  1. Wow Shireen , keep it coming !! This was an amazing read.

  2. Good going Shireen ...very well penned down

  3. Well said dear..I'm reading your story and back of the mind connecting with me n my past ❤I'm looking forward to read more n more👍

    1. I am glad that you could retrospect. Thank you so much for reading.

  4. Good read, now inspired to upgrade

  5. Looking forward to read more about you ❤️ unfold the all pages and shine❤️

  6. What a Journey. Amazing ❤️ keep posting. ❤️

  7. Wow Shy.... lovely..n so true...penned down perfectly

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